About us

We are a medium-sized company with about 200 employees in metropolitan Dresden. We are a major supplier for the rail vehicle industry. Beside paneling parts from glass fiber-reinforced composite materials, we produce large components and systems, e.g. vehicle front, lavatories and driver’s console. System solutions are developed by our construction and development departments in close agreement with our customers.

Our goal is to expand our position as preferred system supplier for the international rail vehicle market and to fulfill or even to exceed the expectations of our customers. Our excellent project management and also our comprehensive experiences in development, construction, completion and assembly are the basis for our customer satisfaction.

Our quality management system is based on the inclusion of all our employees and the processing ability of our procedures. Through planning, controlling, watching and continuous improvement of processes, we ensure the quality of our products. Our safety policy pursues the goal of recognizing, evaluating and minimizing risks in order to prevent human, environmental and financial damages.

Our goal is to bring the quality, environment protection and profitability in line, to save the resources and at the same time to strengthen the earnings power of our company.

The company policy is available on demand.

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